If you are interested in attending the seminars, please contact the organizer at: yu.luo@kcl.ac.uk.
Announcements about the seminar will also be sent via the mail list (subscribe here).

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Title Time Location
Jan 19, 2023 Petros Dellaportas Can independent Metropolis samplers beat Monte Carlo? 14:00-15:00 Bush House (NE) 1.03
Feb 2, 2023 Caterina May Best estimation of functional linear models and optimal design of experiments 15:00-16:00 Strand S4.29
Feb 16, 2023 Chris Holmes Bayesian predictive inference 14:00-15:00 Strand S0.13
Mar 2, 2023 Francesca Panero Sparse spatial random graphs 14:00-15:00 Bush House (NE) 1.02
Mar 9, 2023 Maria Brigida Ferraro Fuzzy clustering: from numerical to complex data 15:00-16:00 Bush House (SE) 2.12
Mar 23, 2023 Mark Steel Accounting for model uncertainty in latent space network models 14:00-15:00 Strand S4.36
Mar 30, 2023 Sarah Heaps 14:00-15:00 Bush House (SE) 2.05